Soul - Recharge

I think it is so important to know what recharges your soul, where you can find light in the darkness and what makes you smile when you need it most. For me, it is volunteering. Nothing brings more fulfillment to my life than helping others. When asked what has been the best day of my life, I instantly think about a particular day when I volunteered, and met THE MOST INCREDIBLE PEOPLE I have ever known. I can't wait to share this story with you.

Favorite Fitness App

When setting fitness goals it is KEY to have an accountability partner, and if your accountability partner proves to be unaccountable, that's what our phones are for. My Fitness Pal is my favorite fitness app. It allows you to set healthy goals for yourself and helps you stay on track by calculating your daily nutrition intake and your calories burned at the gym. If you are taking on a lifestyle change, My Fitness Pal is the app for you! 

Alkaline Water

We have all heard the phrase "drink more water." But drinking more water doesn't necessarily do our bodies any good if we aren't drinking the right kind of water. Our bodies need alkaline body to help neutralize the acidity levels. One of my favorite brands of Alkaline water is Essentia. 

Gym Secrets

I try (emphasis on try) to workout 5-6 days a week. One of which is mostly stretching or yoga. However, every day that I do workout, I do ab exercises. Everyone has their "thing" at the gym and that's mine. Every day is ab day.  

Favorite Healthy Meal

For lunch almost every single day I eat variations of the same meal...I'm weird, I know. I'm a Chipotle' fanatic so I basically make my own version of a burrito bowl. I use cauliflouer rice or brown rice as the base and then add black or pinto beans, ground turkey, chopped peppers and onions, with salsa and avocados and siracha sauce on top. Occasionally I will add fat-free sour cream, and sometimes I eat it in a lettuce wrap with taco seasoning. 


This past year I have relied heavily on meditation and visualization, when it comes to manifesting my greatest dreams. I have no idea how I lived so long without practicing both. Every morning I participate in a guided meditation tailored to how I am feeling that day. If I have a big week filled with lofty goals, I will do guided mediations that focus on confidence and the law of attraction.